Email Marketing

An in-depth look at email marketing

An in-depth look at email marketing

Email marketing: what does it mean?

Email marketing is exactly what it sounds like. In this method, businesses use email to promote their products and services. They send announcements, discounts, audience education, and other information to pre-determined lists of recipients. Everybody owns an email address, so email marketing will always be successful. The only problem is…

“Approximately 4,000 to 10,000 email advertisements are seen by Americans every day.”

Businesses and their dogs are doing email marketing more than ever; it’s not dead. Today, making an impression is difficult because there is a lot of clutter. Email marketing, when done correctly, is still an important marketing tool for any business. It’s time to witness the resurrection, so strap yourselves in.

Your email marketing campaigns can be brought back to life with everything we have to offer.

Is email marketing worth my time?

It doesn’t sound very appealing to follow a set of rules just to perhaps hit a few more leads among the million things you have to do today. Social media channels are probably where you should focus your efforts. Nevertheless, don’t completely abandon email marketing.

Customer-centricity is the hallmark of email marketing

Email marketing knows no bounds. In order to re-engage old customers or to attract new ones, your marketing team can get creative. Whether it’s freebies and discounts, product announcements, or dog videos, everybody likes free stuff. It would be even better if you had a HTML wizard on your team! Email remains the most popular business communication tool.

Convenient is the key to email marketing

Emails are checked on smartphones by 81% of users. A notification can be sent directly to a receiver’s phone in less than a second. When someone picks up their phone, your company’s name must be read every time, even if they don’t read your email right away.

Marketers can easily use email

There are a lot of old job recommendations in my inbox, airline coupons during fire sales, and chicken discounts; it’s probably too easy. In email marketing, most processes can be automated through the use of modern technology.

Marketers can use email for very little money

Sending an email is always free after you’ve paid your internet bill. It is still very reasonable to subscribe to an email marketing system, even if you do use its bulk email capabilities.

Can I send emails to anyone?

It is necessary for you to have a mailing list. You should be able to reach out to all your existing customers on one platform. In addition, there are a lot of ways to create a good reliable list of email addresses to target, other than hitting your head against the keyboard and adding “” at the end.

Creating a sign-up section on your website, using social media to drive sign-ups, and using a good, old-fashioned signup sheet in your online store are all examples of ways you can get people to opt-in if your content tickles their fancy.

In order to build your mailing list, you need to adhere to three golden rules.

  1. Use only your own lists instead of third-party ones. Many purchasable mailing lists have been illegally obtained and are being sold illegally, even if you magically stumble across one with a relevant audience for your business.
  2. Make sure you have permission. Don’t take shortcuts. It is important that your recipients understand they will receive emails regularly as part of your marketing campaign. A spam email is one that you send without permission.
  3. Unsubscribe links must be included. There is a similarity between this rule and the second rule. There is no need for users to feel cheated or forced into doing something. The point of having a mailing list that doesn’t want to be on it is to prevent yourself from being deceived.

What is the best way to format email marketing?

There are several parts to writing an email, including the subject line, the opening line, the body, the closing line, the call to action, and the signature. Google will provide all of the info you need to write an email, if you don’t already. In terms of your marketing email format, we are referring to whether or not it is mobile-friendly.

Mobile clients are used by 60% of people to read emails.

Marketing emails need to be mobile-friendly, as well as computer-compatible, for recipients who are on the go. To accomplish this, you must use a one column template, ensure the width is 650px wide, write in a larger font size between 15px and 20px, and if necessary, attach a picture. Stacking links makes it hard for someone to click on the one we want; one’s fat thumbs can’t do it.

In the end, always make sure your spelling and grammar are correct, and send yourself a test email so you know how it works on different devices.


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